A Comprehensive Overview of Generic Cialis

Generic Cialis is a drug that helps men who suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED) to deal with their problem by relaxing the muscles found in blood vessel walls. That increases the flow of blood to the penile area allowing men with erectile dysfunction to get and sustain an erection. Unfortunately, many people do not know about Cialis and its helpfulness when it comes to ED. It means that many men who need help with ED cannot get it because they do not know that this helpful drug exists. Therefore, educating those who suffer from erectile dysfunction on this drug is critical. More specifically, they should know the instructions, dosage, and side effects that come with Generic Cialis.

Here is the basic information on Generic Cialis

The chief ingredient in Cialis is tadalafil, a PDE5 inhibitor approved by the Federal Drug Agency in 2003 as a suitable drug for treating ED.cialis aid The only other approved drugs for erectile dysfunction in the US are sildenafil citrate and vardenafil hydrochloride. Tadalafil was successful in tests conducted in about 15,000 men and afterwards, more than 8 million men worldwide have had positive outcomes while using it. Unfortunately, the original drug might be expensive for many people around the world and as such, those who needed it most could not afford it. However, the generic form is now available. Generic Cialis has the same main ingredient (tadalafil) and possesses the same effect as the original drug. The great advantage though is that Generic Cialis is sold at a much friendlier price.


It is important to note that Generic Cialis is a powerful drug that can improve your sexual performance remarkably. However, this positive impact on your sexual drive can have an adverse impact on other aspects of your health if you have particular medical conditions. For example, it is not advisable for you to use this drug if you have illnesses like kidney failure, liver disease, retinitis pigmentosa, Peyronie’s disease, angina or heart complications.

You should also refrain yourself from using this drug if you are on certain types of medication. For instance, taking Generic Cialis while you are under nitrate medication may lead to a sudden decrease in your blood pressure. For these reasons, it is critical for you to consult your doctor before you take this drug. The doctor should advise you appropriately on whether it’s totally safe for you to use it.

Take the proper dosage

Generic Cialis normally comes in 10mg or 20mg pills. There are also dosages of 5mg and even 2.5mg. You should only take a pill a day and nothing more than that. Take it when you are anticipating some sexual activity between you and your partner. Generic Cialis is normally taken at least 30 minutes before the anticipated intercourse. The drug starts to work only when some level of sexual stimulation occurs.

Small pills weighing 2.5mg and 5mg are advisable for people who intend to use it while they are on some other type of medication such as Finasteride.cialis-effect Those who want to use Generic Cialis daily should also consider 5mg. However, consulting your doctor before making any decision is still critical as the drug has potential side effects.

Here are the potential side effects

These effects vary depending on the physical characteristics of the men using the drug. They may include stomach upsets, headaches, back pain, stuffy nose, muscle pain, or some level of dizziness. Sometimes the effects go away quickly, but at other times, they may persist. Consult your physician immediately if they do persist. You should also consult your doctor if your erection is painful or if it lasts for more than 3 hours.

The biggest problem may occur with those who have heart complications. In this case, common effects include nausea, severe dizziness, chest pain, or pain in the left arm. Fainting is also another possibility.

 Those who have an allergic reaction to tadalafil may suffer from itching, swelling, and breathing difficulties.

It is important to note that Generic Cialis is a useful drug that many people continue to use without any problems with it. However, it is imperative that a person who intends to take this drug does so based on his doctor’s instructions and those on the pack. Reporting the side effects to your physician if you suffer from any is also critical so that your physician can advise you appropriately.

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